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Spot The Lost is an effort towards making the process of finding lost object easier and hassle free. It provides the feature to register lost and found objects along with search mechanism of our data base of lost and found object with all the details provided by the one who has registered. You can report all kind of objects which you have lost and once the object is found and registered to STL by someone, you will automatically be notified about the finding information of the object. In between you can search our database for any particular lost or found objects. Along with this you have some very powerful features like registering data of your different objects with us and creating a close community for information sharing about lost and found object. The example of communities can be a university campus, a school, an organization or institution etc.


Our purpose is to help people in getting back their lost items. Having this kind of interface makes the information sharing among the people easy for their lost belongings and so it facilitates the transfer of found object to the owner in a smooth manner.

How it works?

Spot The Lost acts as a sink of information. Everyone who is a member of this website can put some information in the sink as well as access some information from the sink. The information of lost and found objects reported by different users of this websites is accessible to all the users. In this way, anybody can look for any specific information of his/her use. Also Spot The Lost is working round the clock to trace your object. As soon as somebody reports a found object, we match it to the items reported as lost as well as to the saved data of the users for his different items. If we find a match, we immediately sends a mail to that person notifying about the object finding.


For using the services provided by Spot The Lost, you need to regsiter with it. As soon as you are registered with STL, you are a member of Spot The Lost community and you can use all the services without any kind trouble.

Procedure of registration

Registering to Spot The Lost is very simple with minimal information needed from you. You need to click on the "Register" link provided on the right corner of the home page. it will lead you to the registration form which requires only minimal information from your side. There are five fields to be filled but only three are mandatory to be filled and these mandatory fields are marked with *. Only your email and a new password for the creation of the account is necessry. You can choose any existing email id and any new password of your choice. While choosing your password, make sure that your password is not easy to be guessed by anyone else. Your email should be a valid one as an email will be sent to you on this email id with registration details for future reference. You can login into the account straight after registration with the credentials provided at the time of registration.


You can log in once you have registered yourself with Spot The Lost. The registration procedure is described in the registration section. Follow the registeration procedure to register yourself with us and then you will have an active account created for you.

Procedure to log into the account

For logging in, you just need to click on the login link provided on the right corner of the home page of Spot The Lost. As soon as you will click login link, you will have a new page asking for your email id and password. Fill your email id with which you have registered with Spot The Lost and fill the password. Submit the information by clicking Login button. If you are a member of Spot The Lost having an active account and the information provided by you in the login form is correct then you will be logged in. Now you can explore as well as use different features offered by Spot The Lost.

Issues with login

If you are not able to login, there can be two reasons for this.

1. Information supplied is incorrect.

It is possible that the information you are supplying us whiile logging in is not correct. Either your email or your password or both are not correct. If you have fogotten your password, you can use our "forgot password" link to retrieve your password. You will be sent the password on the email id with which you are registered with us. After receiving your password, you can login and if you wish you can change this password with the "change password" feature.

2. You are not registered with us.

If you are not registered with us, it is impossible to login for you. In such case, you need to register with us and then you will be able to login with the credentials provided at the time of registration. The registration procedure is described in the registration section.

Features offered

There are many features offered by Spot The lost. You can use these features as per your convenience and need. These features have been designed keeping the users in the mind. You will find different kind of options which you can use at different times. With time there will be enhancements in these features. Also we will come up with new features in future to make the use of STL more productive, efficient and helpful to users. Description of some important features are described in the below sub sections. Please go through them to know more about them and to make yourself more comfortable using them.

Reporting features

There are features provided by Spot The Lost for reporting the lost and the found object.You can provide the appropriate information for the lost or found object and this information will be saved with STL. Any concerned user can access this information for his/her use. There are two features provided for reporting. One is for reporting the data for lost item using the link "Report the lost item". The other one is for reporting the data for found item using the link "Report the found item". These two links can be found on the left pane of the home page as well as user's account page.

Report the lost item

"Report the lost item" feature provided as a link on the left pane of the home page as well as your account page lets you report any item you have lost. As soon as you report an item as lost, we will start tracking this object and as soon as somebody reports any item having data similar to the data of your lost object, we will notify you immediately. So it is advisable that if the data of the object you have lost is not registered with us using "Register your data" feature, then you report the lost item as soon as possible so that we do not miss your object being reported as found by someone else. You have various fields to be filled for reporting the lost item, but only a few are mandatory, still we recommend you to provide as much information as you can. This wil help STL better in finding a match for your lost object with the found ones.

Report the found item

This option will allow you to report an item found by you. You can find the link for this option on the left pane of the home page as well as your account page. You should provide as much information as possible regarding the found object although only a few fields are mandatory as that will help in identifying a match between a lost object and a found object. Also detail information will help the user in making sure if that object belongs to him or her.

Searching features

Spot The Lost provides you with feature of search. If you are a registered member, you can search our database for the information regarding any particular item or object. You will have different criteria to start a search. You can choose as many as you want from the given choices to make your search more refined and specific rather than a very generic search with only mandatory criteria. Various type of search features are described in the following sub-sections. Please refer them for more understanding.

Search the lost item

Using the option "Search the lost item" provided on the left pane of the home page as well as the account page, you can search any specific item from the database of items reported as lost items. This way you can access the information regarding any lost item if required in any scenario. You have very minimal mandatory fields to start your search. For specific results, you should fill as many fields as possible.

Search the found item

Using the option "Search the found item" provided on the left pane of the home page as well as the account page, you can search any specific item from the database of items reported as found items. This will let you make sure if your lost product has been reported as found with STL. You have very minimal mandatory fields to start your search. For specific results, you should fill as many fields as possible.

Data registration feature

You have the option to register your data for important objects and items with STL. This will help STL in serving you better with any updated information about your object or item. You have only a couple of fields mandatory to be filled while registering the data of your object but it is better that you provide as much information as have been asked. This will help STL better in tracking your object once it is lost and then reported as found.

Register your data with us

The "Register your data" option on the left pane of the home page as well as the account page lets you register all the data related to your important objects and items with STL. This has a great advantage. If you lose any object, the data of which is registered with STL, then without even you reporting it as lost item, STL will be looking for your object. This works in the way that as soon as some object will be reported as found with STL, it will match the details of that object with the data saved by you for all your objects, and if any match is found, it will notify you about this without any delay. In this way, you need not to report the lost item and still STL will be looking for your object.

List of my registered items

You have also the option to look at all the items and the data related to these items registered with STL. At any point of time if you need to see what all items are registered, you can have a look on a click on the link "My registered items" provided on the left pane of the account page. Also if you have saved your data for all the important objects with STL, you can refer them from anywhere, anytime you need.

Community feature

A very powerful and secure feature has been introduced in the form of community feature. People can create communities and others can join this community for the purpose of sharing information regarding lost and found object restricted only to the community memebers. This adds the flexibility to have a limited and closed group for tracking lost and found objects in a closed area or location. Examples of such community location could be university campuses, school premises, organization buildings and many more.

Create community

A community can be created with a simple procedure. The only requirement for this is that the one who wants to create the community has to be registered with STL. Once you are logged into STL, you can create the community by providing all the necessary information regarding the community. The fields you need to fill while creating a community are community name, description, location and email ids of the members whom you want to be part of the community. All the fields are mandatory except the email address field. In location field, you can specify the name of the closed location like university campus or a particular building etc. Once you will say create, a new community will be created with the details provided by you. All the addresses provided in the email field will be sent an invitation on their mail to join this community.

Join community

You can join any community you wish provided the administrator who has created that community approves your membership. You can see the list of all the communities with community list feature. You can read details about any community in the community details section by clicking on the particular community link from the community list. If you find any community useful, you can send the request to administrator for joining this community by clicking "Join this community" link.

Operate in community

If you are a member of a particular community, you can use all the features related to community provided by STL. This is very powerful feature as it allows you to share the information with only specific number of people who are part of that particular community. Your community can be as small as your hostel and as big as an area in a city. This feature can be very useful in tracking the objects and items lost in the university campuses, school premises, buildings etc. In such cases you just need to share the information of the lost and found objects with specific people. Nobody else will be able to access these informations specific to a particular community until unless he or she is a part of this community.


Your feedbacks are most welcome. We will always look forward for your feedback as it will give us the opportunity to improve upon the features and services.

Your feedback link

You can find the feedback link on the home page. Using this link, you can let us know about your opinion and views about the services and features of Spot The Lost. You can also inform us about any kind of enhancement needed from our side to make this service better for the users. We assure you that we will work upon those suggestions which we will identify as an option for improvement or betterment. Any trouble faced while using Spot The Lost can also be reported as your feedback so that we can work upon them.

User's commnets

There is a User's comments section on Spot The Lost which can be used to share your views with other users. This will let you know the opinions of other users as well as share your opinion with other users which may result into better use of the services provided by Spot The Lost. Also this will let you and other users communicate any specific information among each other and improve the efficiency of the services.

Reach Us

You can reach us anytime you want and this is just a click away. You have several ways to reach us. We understand that you might have any specific query regarding services, features or functionalities which are not handled anywhere on the website. In such cases you can reach us directly with your queries and we assure you that we will handle your queries with utmost importance and get back to you as soon as possible with a suitable reply.

Contact Us

You can find the link "Contact Us" on the extreme left of the upper corner of home page. Using this link, you can send us any specific query. We will reply to your query as soon as possible on the email id provided by you in the "Contact Us" form.

Email Us

You can find the link "Email Us" in the footer of the page. Using this link you can directly mail us. You will not have to fill up any form as in the case of "Contact Us" option. Please be concise and brief in describing your query so that it can be handled appropriately and efficiently.

Contact Information

Use the link "Contact Information" in the footer of the page to find out different email ids. Please direct your different queries on specific and appropriate email id. Also please use a suitable subject line as it will help us in categorisation of the email and in turn handling it in a better and efficient manner.