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Spot The Lost

Spot The Lost (STL) is an interface to help people track their lost belongings like PAN card, Passport, Cellphone, Watches, Car, Keys Etc. If you have lost something somewhere, you can upload the detail information of the lost object on STL. We will keep the information with us and as soon as somebody finds that object and uploads the information about it, you will be intimated by email. Also you can search STL database for any particular object which you have lost to make sure if somebody has found it and has uploaded the information for the same.

It has three powerful features:-

1. Automatic object tracking and intimation by data registration feature.

Once you have registered the data related to your objects, you do not have to worry about reporting it as lost on STL even if you lose it as we will keep looking for your lost item without you intimating it about us.

2. Sharing the information of your lost or found item with others using STL interface.

This will enable you to track your object without any geographical boundary.

3. Community based restricted information sharing of your lost and found objects and items.

This enables you to share the information about lost and found with only to a limited group of people who are part of your community. This feature can be very powerful and efficient for creating a community for a school or college campus, a building, a organization or institution premises.

All the data transaction is secured using SSL encryption. Also special care has been taken to secure your data from any kind of unauthorized access.

You can register with us and use the service provided by STL without any cost. You just need to create an account in a simple step and then you can login and use everything offered by STL. From the left pane you can see that there are several options available to you which facilitates in helping you and offering you the desired services. With the help of these options, you can register your lost as well as found information. Also you can search lost and found information with different kind of search criteria suitable to you. For detail introduction to the services, you can refer to the help page. Also you can check out our FAQ section as it might be useful in handling your queries.

We strongly recommend you to use our services and if you find anything unsatisfactory and troubling, please intimate us using Your feedback option. If you have any specific query, you can write to us directly using Contact Us or Email Us option. We will make sure that your query is handled with proper care and consideration.