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Terms & Conditions

STL reserves the rights of all the designs, layouts and information used on its pages and is the sole owner.

STL works towards providing free services to the users for their convenience. It works towards making sure that the users are benefited from the services offered.

STL reserves the right to accept or deny membership to a particular individual as well as remove the registered member from the list who may violate the terms and conditions of STL. Also if intention of any kind of violation of the terms and conditions of STL is found from any member, that memeber will be liable to be eliminated. STL will not be liable to answer for such actions being taken.

STL reserves the right to deny the services to anyone without providing a reason. All the information sharing will be done through the STL website and email. There will be no tangible object sharing between the website and the users. Users can email us on the provided email addresses for any kind of query.

STL has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without any kind of prior notice. If there is any modification, it will be posted in the terms and conditions section of the website.