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Reason to use STL

We lose our important objects or items very often. There are people who find these objects or items and in many cases they want to return them to the owners. But many times they face the dificulty of not finding the proper contact details of the person the object originally belongs to and this hinders them to return the object to the owner. Also in many cases, people find it a cumbersome job to deal with returning a lost object. We provide an easy interface for you to register the information of the lost as well as found object. Once you have registered the information of the lost object with this interface named STL , it will keep looking if somebody has found the object and registered it here with STL. As soon as it will be found and registered by someone, the person who had lost it will be intimated by email automatically. So STL will keep searching the object in the background without you making any effort for the same.

There is a very powerful feature associated with STL and one of the most important reason for using STL. If you have regsitered your data of the important items with STL, you do not even need to report if you lose any of those items. STL will be looking for your item without you informing it about the loss and as soon as it finds that somebody has reported your item as found, you will be intimated by STL about this finding.

Also it is quite easy approach for the person who finds an object as he or she just needs to register it here and STL will do the job for her or him to find the person to whom it belongs.